Temporal Fillers

What is?

One of the earliest, but often most subtle, signs of aging is volume loss in the temple. Over time, we lose volume due to loss in subcutaneous fat, bone, as well as thinning muscle and skin. With deflation of the temporal fossa, the arc of light surrounding the orbit is lost, the smooth transition from the brow to the cheeks is interrupted. Temporal narrowing may also result in lateral brow ptosis and sagging of the upper lid. These changes give an overall tired, aged appearance. The flattening and concavity of the temporal region is treated with temporal fillers.


Temporal region is often missed during filler treatments. The correction of temporal hollowness is a great opportunity to give back to face its oval shape naturally. Besides treating the skeletonized appearance of the face, temporal fillers can also reduce the signs of age‐related changes in the middle and lower face, like “marionette line” and jowl deformity due to lifting effect.


Hyaluronic acid fillers are administered to the temporal region with a very fine needle or canula.

  • Duration6-12 Months
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