“I believe that beauty should not be regarded
as equal to youth. It can be preserved
and sustained throughout life.”

Skin Booster

Restylane skinboosters gradually improve the skin’s condition, increasing elasticity, and reducing fine lines and imperfections. It can be used for face, hands, neck and décolletage.

About Skin Booster

Our goal is to make you feel good while preseving your natural look
during our journey. Most importantly, we will develop
the Plan together with you.

  • Meeting and Understanding
    the Expectations

    We first talk with our patients face to face about their expectations. We learn the reason(s) that took them to us and their perception on themselves.

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  • 2 & 3
    Diamensional Imaging

    We analyse the skin quality with our two dimensional imaging technology, Visia, by all parameters: Wrinkles, texture, pores, porphirins, deep and superficial dark spots and vascularization. Then our technology compares the results with a database at our patients' age group and skin colour and provides a report on our patients' skin quality.

    Our three dimensional imaging technology Vectra takes pictures of our patient with three different cameras and then superposes these images and produces a three dimensional image. So that contours of the face, sagging, volume deficits and asimetries can be objevtively analized. When we look at a person in front of us we see them three dimensionally. However we can only asses ourselves two dimensionally on pictures and on the mirror. Three dimensional imaging gives us the opportunty to more effectively analyze and communicate the needs of our patient.

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  • Physician

    Our next step is physician assesment. Based on patient expectations and objective data obtained with 2&3D imaging, expert opinion is key to define the needs and develop a besopke plan. An artistic eye is also crucial.

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  • Refreshment Plan
    is Ready

    After all these analysis with patients expactations in mind we prepare a bespoke REFRESHMENT PLAN for our patient. Refreshment Plan should be seen as a journey meticulously designed and scheduled to take measures to prevent and treat the signs of aging.

    We aim to set realistic goals and develop the plan on a calender based on scientific data and real needs of the patient. These methods are on a spectrum from life style changes to procedures. With timely and most suitable methods we start a journey together. Our ultimate aim will be to preserve beauty and to be at the very best of your age with discrete and elegant touches.

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is in favor of natural results

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Yaş alma sürecinde 3 ana değişiklikle karşı karşıyayız.
Birincisi kırışıklıklar, İkincisi sarkma,
Üçüncüsü lekeler.

Doğru planlama ve uygulamalarla doğallıktan uzaklaşmadan, sizi aynada kendinize yabancılaştırmadan, yaşınızın en iyi , en güzel haliyle görünebilmek ve bu 3 değişiklik için çözüm üretebilmek mümkün.

3 değişiklik için neler yapılabilir, tedavilerinde nasıl bir yol izlenir, bu değişikliklere nasıl yaklaşmamız gerekir gibi sorulara yanıt vermeye çalıştım.

Skin Booster

Restylane skinboosters gradually improve the skin’s condition, increasing elasticity, and reducing fine lines and imperfections.

Skin Booster

Scarlet S

Scarlet S (Microneedling RF) is a fractional radiofrequency treatment.

Scarlet S

Hydrafacial MD

HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin.

Hydrafacial MD